Philomaths is tracking countries of interest, using standard and experimental metrics. The COVID-19 information on this site is for research purposes only and should not be relied upon.

Country Region Cases R value Strategy
Australia Australian Capital Territory 232974 0.61
Australia New South Wales 3915992 1.11
Australia Northern Territory 105111 0.99
Australia Queensland 1800236 0.0
Australia South Australia 883620 1.0
Australia Tasmania 287507 1.79
Australia Victoria 2880559 1.1
Australia Western Australia 1293461 0.0
Brazil 37076053 0.34
Israel 4803824 1.04
New Zealand 2228291 1.11
Peru 4487553 1.14
Singapore 2235294 0.63
Sweden 2699339 1.14
United Kingdom 24425309 1.08
US 103802702 0.84
Technical Notes

Philomaths carries out modelling of aspects of COVID-19. Here you can find some of our technical notes.

Technical Details

We provide here an overview of the technical details behind the results on this site. You can also learn more by reading our Technical Notes.

Sources of Data

Find out what sources of data we are using to provide the analyses on this website. These include Johns Hopkins University and Wikipedia.