The COVID-19 Edition

Welcome to Philomath's COVID-19 special edition. Until a clear way out of the pandemic has been identified, Philomaths' website will focus on providing insights into the progress of the Pandemic and possible exit strategies. At this point, we are not advocating a particular viewpoint, and indeed believe that different countries will develop different successful exit strategies.

The best way to explore this website is to examine the cards displayed on this page and then click the button on that card if you want to know more. If you are interested in a particular country, type its name into the top right search box and click the Search button.


A small number of countries around the world are aiming for either suppresion or elimination of COVID-19.

Conditional Immunity

Some countries have had suffered a sufficient number of infections that they may be approaching conditional immunity.

Oxford Hypothesis

A number of researchers at Oxford University are hypothesizing that the Infection Fatality Ratio is much lower than expected.

Country Strategies

We are reviewing the strategies that countries around the world are using to manage the Pandemic on a daily basis.

Melbourne Lock-down

Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria, had one of the harshest and longest lock-downs in the world.

Technical Notes

Philomaths carries out modelling of aspects of COVID-19. Here you can find some of our technical notes.

Infection Detection Ratio

The Infection Detection ratio or IDR estimates the effectiveness of a country's testing regime.

Country List

On a daily basis we update our statistics on 189 countries around the world. We also track all Australian states and territories.

Technical Details

We provide here an overview of the technical details behind the results on this site. You can also learn more by reading our Technical Notes.

Sources of Data

Find out what sources of data we are using to provide the analyses on this website. These include Johns Hopkins University and Wikpedia.