Philomaths owns and operates The Golf Mentor application. This features a golf club distances calculator, and is a popular site for information on golf club distances. The site earns revenue from subscriptions and advertising.

Philomaths carries out mathematical research into golf handicapping, Attitude Heading Reference Systems, Covid-19, and other areas. Philomaths has provided expert witness consultancy to law firms in London, San Francisco, Sydney, and Dallas. The consultancy areas include cellular location technology, the Global Positioning System, and the lower layers of telecommunication systems.

Philomaths undertakes a range of public service activities including open source software. It added spell checking functionality to the rspec gem. The version of the gem that includes that functionality has had over 7 million downloads. Philomaths developed an structured tree speller for the Did You Mean gem that that can use a structured dictionary. The algorithm provides a halving of the error rate and a ten times increase in speed when working with a structured dictionary. The gem is automatically required when Ruby language starts, so the structured dictionary is immediately available to millions of Ruby developers around the world. The master branch of the Did You Mean gem provides the facility to apply the structured tree speller to assist in fixing Ruby load path errors. We hope in time this will bring a little joy to every ruby developer.

Philomaths voluntarily supports the Stack Overflow web site, where our technical questions and answers have reached over 920,000 developers around the world.